Nice party

Stag night is a really great party that you have to enjoy. Have you had such a big contraction night? If not, rest assured that this is the biggest party of your life and that it will be the most beautiful experience. I know because we already had our big stag night. And to make matters worse, I`ll confide in you. It`s been about ten years since I had a big party where my stag night was. It was all perfect because I also had a big pool and a water slide here. I was most looking forward to that, because I`m a swimmer, so I really like water. And do you know what happened when a friend went on a slide? The whole slide cracked and the slide was gone. It bothered me a lot and we were sad. But a friend was wrong. He lay on the ground, screaming and crying and everything hurt. I was shocked and my friends were shocked too. What should I do?

I love romantic and funny stag party.

My stag party is probably over. I found out that a friend has a broken leg. So he can`t dance at my party anymore, and it bothered me. Such a pity! But in the end, the friend was fine. It was nothing terrible, so he had his leg in plaster. But the next day he was in great shape. You know, I was so scared when a friend fell and broke his leg.

Get a nice dress party.

Fortunately, it was ok and I was calm. And what about my stag night? She was great! And I`m very glad that it all turned out like this, because I really like parties and this stag night was really great. I also received many gifts. And there was also a beautiful wedding set. I was very excited that we received a lot of presents and also that it was a lot of fun and the whole party was very successful. And because stag night is very long and it`s an experience mainly for the bride, so take a lot of photos, too, and have fond memories. I like ymoc photos and I have about a thousand of them at home! So I love to take photos, so I have all the parties as memories.